Charitable Journalism Project

We are journalists, lawyers, funders, academics and media experts
working together to promote public benefit journalism.

CJP Guide: Charitable Status for Newsrooms

Your news organisation could become one of the first to gain charitable status with CJP guidance.

Latest Research: UK News Deserts

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Our current research project will illuminate the rise of ‘news deserts’: areas of the UK where local news coverage has declined, or disappeared altogether.


Articles, reports, organisations, other links and guidance to help you understand what the CJP does, and why.

CJP: Our Journey to Charity Registration

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One of our primary missions is to help newsrooms register as charities. Find out more about the process of our own registration.

Relevant Organisations

Find out about other groups, projects and organisations around the world working towards aims aligned with the CJP’s.

Public Benefit Journalism

What do we mean by ‘public benefit journalism’, and how does it align with charitable status for newsrooms?

Focus Areas

What are the focus areas of the CJP’s research and activity?